Bryan Dallas Ph.D, CRC, LPC

Bryan Dallas
Title: Associate Professor/Program Coordinator
Division: Interdisciplinary Health Professions
Unit: Rehabilitation Counseling
Office Location: Wirtz Hall 356
Office Phone: 815-752-8389
Office Fax: 815-753-9123

Courses Taught

  • AHRS 426: Introduction to Topics in Rehabilitation Services
  • AHRS 492: Medical Aspects of Disability in Rehabilitation
  • AHRC 628: Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
  • AHRC 662: Vocational Analysis and Job Placement
  • AHRC 686: Practicum (Rehabilitation Counseling)


  • Ph.D., Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Rehabilitation
  • M.S., Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Rehabilitation Counseling
  • B.S., Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Health Care Management
  • AAS, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Physical Therapist Assistant


  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor


  • Licensed Professional Counselor

Research Interests

  • Postsecondary accommodations for students with disabilities
  • Universal Design in instructional settings
  • Assistive Technology
  • Vocational Analysis 

Selected Publications

Dallas, B. K., Sprong, M. E., & Kluesner, B. (in press) Multi-university comparison of faculty attitudes and use of universal design instructional techniques. Rehabilitation Research, Policy, & Education.

Dallas, B. K., Long, G., & McCarthy, A. K. (in press) Assessing the effect of closed-captioning on undergraduate students’ recall and understanding of video-based information. Journal of Excellence in College Teaching.

Dallas, B. K. & Sprong, M. E. (in press) Predictors of faculty attitudes toward inclusive teaching strategies. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling.

Dallas, B. K., Ramisch, J., & McGowan, B. (2015) Students with autism spectrum disorders and the role of family in postsecondary settings: A systematic review of the literature. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 28(2), 135-147.

Sprong, M. E., Dallas, B., Upton, T. D., & Bordieri, J. (2015). The influence of race, causal attribution, & in-group favoritism on recommendations for rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 58(4), 227-239.

Dallas, B., Upton, T., & Sprong, M. (2014). Post-secondary faculty attitudes toward inclusive teaching strategies. Journal of Rehabilitation, 80(2), 12-20.

Sprong, M. E., Dallas, B., Davis, S., Melvin, A., & Koch, D. S. (2014). Substance abuse and vocational rehabilitation: A survey of policies and procedures. Journal of Rehabilitation, 80(4), 4-9.

Lombardi, A., Murray, C., & Dallas, B. (2013) University faculty attitudes toward disability and inclusive instruction: Comparing two institutions. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 26(4), 221-232.

Dallas, B. K. & Upton, T. D. (2011). Maximizing access to postsecondary educational print materials for students with print-related disabilities. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 42, 35-42. 

Upton, T. D. & Dallas, B. K. (2011). Workers' compensation. In T. D. Upton (Ed.), Private rehabilitation: Evolving opportunities (pp. 108-135). Linn Creek, MO: Aspen Professional Services.