Degree Requirements for Nursing (RN-B.S.)

To pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing you are required to complete 120 hours of coursework.

Proficiency Credits

The RN-B.S. in nursing program awards credit to registered nurses for the education and learning experiences they have already acquired. If you are a registered nurse who graduated from a state-approved ADN or diploma nursing program, you are eligible for 33 semester hours of proficiency credit provided you:

  • Graduated within the last five years OR
  • Graduated more than five years ago and practiced as a registered nurse within the last two years

You are eligible to have this credit added to your NIU record upon successful completion of 12 semester hours of NIU nursing credit with a grade of C or better. 

Transfer Credit

You may transfer up to 66 hours of theory coursework and an additional 4 hours of physical education credit from a community college to apply toward pre-nursing and general education requirements. An unlimited number of hours may be transferred from a four-year institution.

Proficiency Exams

If you are a RN student who graduated more than five years ago and have not practiced as registered nurses within the last two years you are required to take proficiency exams.

General Electives

You may need to take elective course work to meet the 120-hour requirement. You'll work with their nursing academic advisor to choose appropriate courses to fulfill all degree requirements.

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