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Department of Military Science

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Department of Military Science
Chick Evans Field House, Room 110 
1050 Lucinda Ave. 
DeKalb, IL 60115
Phone: (815) 752-ROTC (7682)
    Alt: (815) 753-6237
E-mail: niu_rotc@niu.edu

About Us

The Northern Illinois University Huskie ROTC Battalion has been providing quality leadership to the US Army (including the Illinois Army National Guard) for over forty years.  We take pride in the success of our past and present Cadets, and are sure that our Cadets of the future will continue to uphold the high standards which have been established.  NIU will continue to develop the leaders of tomorrow and the future remains bright for the Battalion and our Cadets.

Our Mission

The Northern Illinois University ROTC program recruits, retains, trains, develops and commissions quality Cadets in order to provide flexible, adaptive officer leadership to the United States Army, Army Reserve and National Guard.

The Huskie Battalion Distinctive Unit Insignia

NIU ROTC Unit CrestThe Huskie Battalion Crest or Distinctive Unit Insignia represents more than just the organization in its current form.  

The shape is similar to that of a shield, which has long been a symbol of protection for fighting men.  The gauntlet is symbolic of power, strength, and defiance.  The gauntlet itself is a leather glove covered with a metal plate for strength.  The lightning bolts are symbolic of swiftness and power which we have at our disposal; but it is enclosed by the gauntlet, and is therefore not blind power, but power controlled by learning.  

The Huskie on the shield stands for Northern Illinois University, our dedication to the school, and that our main purpose is to gain an education to prepare us for the future.  The motto “Ductus Per Scientiam” translates into the idea ”Leadership Through Knowledge” gained at the University will be used throughout life.