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The Legacy of NIU ROTC

ROTC has a rich and diverse historical legacy at Northern Illinois University. Cadets that have graduated from this program have gone on to do amazing things both in and out of the military. We're not an Ivy League program or a designated military academy, but we've managed to produce scores of top military leaders including the program's first General, BG Brian Alvin.

In keeping with true NIU tradition, we find unity in diversity. Our cadets come from a full spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds. Many are first in their family to attend a university and/or come from a long line of servicemen and women. We understand both the value and the opportunity of an Army officer's commission, and we earn it, the hard way! This creates an environment in our ROTC program hinged on the principal that those who are willing to wake earlier, work harder, and lead stronger than everyone else can rise to the top and forge a new path for generations to come!

NIU's cadets receive a foundation in leadership here in the program that leaves a lasting impression! These archives are an attempt to help capture some of the pictures, stories and events that have shaped gold bars through golden years for over 550 of this nation's heroes since 1968. It's a work in progress, but we've blown the dust off the old photo albums tucked deep in the storage room and we're uploading them here. 

The BN History Archives are organized in sub-folders categorized by former and present Professors of Military Science. Some of the old pictures leave little to no clues about who is featured, what date, or where they were taken. We'll continue to scan those photos into the "Uncategorized" folder. Our hope is to engage our current cadets and alumni to get involved and help tell the stories behind the stories. If you have something to add to the archives or additional information about the "uncategorized" photos, please email it to

LTC Raymond F. Hunting, IN

LTC Bobbie G. Berry, AV

LTC David T. Whatley, FA

LTC Kenneth G Scott, TC

LTC George Conway, FA

LTC Kenneth E. Reeves, FA

LTC T. S. Fielden FA

MAJ Roger D. Seymore, FA

LTC Jann Stovall, AV

LTC Phillis J. Naffziger, SC

LTC Stephen D. Payne, FA

LTC Craig A. Engle, AV

LTC Stephen A. Ashpes

LTC David A. Dosier, AV

LTC Jerome S. Morrison, FA