Transfer Articulation

Steps for Prospective Transfer Students

  1. Contact Dr. Lan Li ( or 815-753-6385) to express your interest in the B.S. Degree Completion Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  2. Work with your community college advisor to select the best General Education and Hospitality Management prerequisite courses, some of which can be included in your A.A.S. program.
  3. Have completed, or be working towards completion of a Hospitality-oriented Associate of Applied Science degree at a community college (See next below for additional information).
  4. Complete an application for admission online as on off-campus student. Submit official copies of academic transcripts, to the NIU Office of Admissions. The NIU Transfer Center can be contacted at 800-892-3050 or
  5. Once you are accepted to NIU, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the Office of Addmissions. Your transcript report will be available on myNIU about four weeks after receiving your acceptance letter.
  6. Once your transcript report is available on myNIU, make an appointment with Dr. Lan Li ( or 815-753-6385) so that you can register for classes.

Lan Li, Ph.D., Program Facilitator
Hospitality Management
College of Health and Human Sciences
815-753-6385 or 753-1543 (General FACS) or