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Chandelier Catering

Chandelier Catering
Adams Hall 143, DeKalb, IL 60115
Phone: (815) 753-6384
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Don't take our word for it. Here's just a sampling of some of the feedback we get!

"We've had networking luncheons and International Women's Day events in the CDR for years! They've been great. Each one has truly exceeded the last. We've had everything from complete meals to deli buffets. Our guests really enjoy the environment. It's an inviting atmosphere. We will be back!"

-- Betty Baugh, Staff Secretary, University Resources for Women

"We've used the Chandelier Room for different types of events. We've had informal events where a poet or novelist reads from his work, and we've provided just cookies and punch. The CDR has a nice, casual, relaxing atmosphere that brings out the best in our readers; it has a lot of warmth. We've also held Awards' Ceremonies, and we like the Chandelier Room for that because people can gather around tables and there's more of a family atmosphere. It's so much better than something like a lobby somewhere! You almost feel like you're at home! The Chandelier Room has always worked out well for us, and whether the CDR caters or we bring food in, the price is incredibly good!"

-- Jan VanderMeer, Office Administrator, Department of English