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Specialization in Apparel Studies (M.S.)

Specialization in Apparel StudiesThis specialization, oriented toward the human sciences, is designed to enhance students’ abilities in applying subject matter, critical thinking, and oral and written communication skills in the professional apparel industry. Individual thesis topics are selected with the approval of the adviser. The program also prepares students to continue their studies in doctoral programs.

A program of courses is developed cooperatively by the student and an advisor. In addition to completing the required courses, students may focus on an individualized area of interest through the selection of courses within and outside of the school.


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An applicant is required to have a minimum of 9 semester hours of undergraduate courses in a textiles and apparel related curriculum. Three of the 9 hours must be at the upper-division level. Applicants without this academic background  may be required to complete undergraduate deficiency coursework by the end of the second semester of enrollment and/or prior to enrolling in certain major courses.

Graduate students must complete all deficiency courses with a grade of B or better. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program. A combined total of no more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit earned as a student-at-large including transfer hours will be counted toward the M.S. degree. Because the admission/enrollment in the major is limited, declared majors in the Apparel Studies specialization have priority for course enrollment.