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Fashion Merchandising

Minor in Fashion Merchandisingtam

The Fashion Merchandising minor offers the opportunity to take courses related to the fashion industry. It prepares students to pursue careers related to the use of textiles and the merchandising of apparel products. Students will gain knowledge related to the fashion industry and acquire skills needed for employment in a variety of fashion related occupations. Completing the minor may contribute to future career competitiveness. FCNS majors are not eligible to declare this minor.

Requirements (19)

  • ART 102 - 2-D Foundation Credits: 3
        OR ARTH 282 - Introduction to the Visual Arts Credits: 3
    (Available for general education credit)
  • CHEM 110 - Chemistry Credits: 3
    (Available for general education credit)
  • CHEM 111 - Chemistry Laboratory Credits: 1
    (Available for general education credit)
  • FCNS 152 - Fiber and Fabric Analysis I Credits: 3
  • FCNS 258 - Introduction to the Fashion Industry Credits: 3
  • FCNS 353 - Apparel Products Analysis Credits: 3
  • One additional course is required from the upper-level courses in textiles, apparel, and merchandising (consult catalog or CHHS advisor) Credits: 3

Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for more information about these classes, including required pre-requisites.