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Fashion Merchandising

Baccalaureate Degree Completion Articulation Plan
College of DuPage - AAS Fashion Studies-Fashion Merchandising and Design1



COD  Required Course

NIU Articulation

NIU Requirement satisfied

AAS Fashion Merchandising:

COD program requirements and applicability toward NIU general education and/or Fashion Merchandising (FM) in FCNS requirements





















(50 Credit Hours)2


ENGL 1101 (3) &

SPEEC 1100(3)

ENGL 103 &

COMS 100

GE Core

ART 1100 (3)


ARTH 282: Intro to Visual Arts


MATH 1533 (4)

**Needs C or better

 MATH 210: Finite Math

GE Math Core/FM

Global/ Multicultural Studies or Contemporary Life Skills (Select 3 credit hour course.)


Select 3 Credit hour IAI Humanities/ Fine Arts. Consult with your advisor prior to enrollment regarding distribution.


PSYCH 1100 (3)

PSYC 102: Intro Psych.



CHEMI 1105 (4)


CHEM 110 :Chemistry &

CHEM 111 : Lab


FASHI 1130 (3) + FASHI 1131 (3)

**Needs C or better

FCNS 262: Western Costume + Elective


FASHI 1151  (3)

**Needs C or better

 FCNS 152: Fiber and Fabric Analysis I



FASHI 2231 (3)

FCNS 258: Introduction to the Fashion Industry


FASHI 2235 (3)

FCNS Elective


FASHI 2251 (3) +

Program Elective, Select: FASHI 1120 (3) OR 2220 (3)

FCNS 272: Merchandising Promotion +Elective


MANAG 1100 (3)

General Elective



BUSIN 1100 (3)

MGMT 101: Intro Business



1Articulation Plan based on course work required for the AAS in Fashion Studies-Fashion Merchandising in the 2014-2015 catalog and on the current NIU Articulation Handbook.
2Only 66 of these credits are applicable to the 120 hours required for NIU Degree (see Proficiency).


COD Required Course

NIU Articulation

NIU Requirement Satisfied

AAS COD Required Business Courses to be Substituted in Fashion Merchandising major requirements.3

*** If Student wishes to obtain a minor in Business these courses will have to be retaken at NIU.


(9 Credit Hours)2

MARKE 2210 (3)



General Elective


MARKE 2220 (3) OR

MARKE 2240 (3)

General Elective


MARKE 2230 (3)

General Elective


FASHI Electives (10)




(10 Credit Hours)

If FASHI 1120 (3) OR FASHI 2220 (3)

FCNS Elective

FCNS Elective

FASHI 1180; FASHI1800; FASHI1820; FASHI1840; FASHI2860


See proficiency (upper)




NIU Articulation

NIU Requirement Satisfied

Additional COD courses to meet NIU general education and/or Fashion Merchandising Program requirements:  can be completed concurrently while taking NIU courses.











(30 Credit Hours)2

Humanities (3)


Select IAI Humanities/Fine Arts. Consult with your adviser prior to enrollment regarding distribution.


ENGL 1102 (3)

ENGL 104

GE Core

ACCOU 1140 (4) & ACCOU 1150 (4)

ACCY 206: Financial &

ACCY 207: Managerial

FM (Sub for ACCY 288)

ECONO  2202 (3)

ECON 260 : Microeconomics


MANAG 2210 (3)

General Elective


SOCI 1100 (3)

SOCI 170: Intro to Sociology


Interdisciplinary Studies (3)

Select IAI Interdisciplinary Studies (IDP). Consult with your adviser prior to enrollment regarding distribution.


MATH 1635 (4)

STATS 208: Statistics


2Only 66 of these credits are applicable to the 120 hours required for NIU degree (see Proficiency).
3Business courses will be subsitutions within the Fashion Merchandising major for MKTG 310, MKTG 350, MGMT 333, FCNS 356X. These substitutions will result in lower level credit hours towards total university required 120 hours. MKTG & MGMT are not applicable to the NIU BUSI minor. Students wanting NIU BUSI minor will need to take MKTG & MGMT courses at NIU.

Proficiency Credits

Note: AAS Fashion Studies graduates who take all courses exactly as listed above will have 75-81 credits of College of DuPage course work of which only 66 are applicable to the 120 required for the NIU degree.  FCNS 289 and/or FCNS 389 proficiency credits will be awarded to offset this loss of hours.  COD students with a different combination of classes, proficiency credits will be determined at the time of transfer to Fashion Merchandising at NIU.

(30 Credit Hours)

College of DuPage’s AAS Fashion Studies-Fashion Merchandising graduates.

FCNS 289: (10)

FCNS 389: (20)





Hours Towards 120 credits required for degree




NIU Course Number

NIU Course Title

Fashion Merchandising Core Upper Division Courses to be taken through NIU.









(18-25 Credit Hours)

FCNS 353 (3)

Apparel Product Analysis

FCNS 355 (3)

Merchandising Mathematics

FCNS 457 (3)

Professional Development for Apparel Merchandising

FCNS 466 (3)

Economics of Apparel and Textile Industries

FCNS 468 (3)

Consumer Behavior Related to Apparel

Pick one of the Following (3)

FCNS 369 (3) OR FCNS 469 (3) OR FCNS 456 (3) OR FCNS 464 (3) OR FCNS 471 (3) OR FCNS 458 (3)

FCNS 474 (7) OR

FCNS 356E (3)

Fashion Merchandising Internship

Cooperative Education II

       E. Fashion Merchandising





Electives for 120 hours required for graduation, all hours must be taken at NIU.

(8-12 Credit Hours)

Required electives are selected in consultation with NIU Fashion Merchandising Advisor. 

Total 120



Admission to the Baccalaureate Completion Program

  • Admission to NIU as a regular degree seeking student - refer to Office of Admissions for application deadlines for regular university admission
  • Completed AAS in Fashion Merchandising at Harper College

Academic Advising

All NIU students must meet university graduation and general education (GE) requirements. Fashion Merchandising students work with the Fashion Merchandising advisor to identify GE deficiencies and monitor progress toward completion of these and other university graduation requirements (i.e. 120 total credit hours with at least 30 hours from NIU)

For further information:

Sarah Cosbey, PhD
Fashion Merchandising Associate Professor
School of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences
Wirtz Hall 122
(815) 753-6336