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Internships for Nursing (M.S.)

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Graduate Student Tuition Waivers

Information about special tuition waivers for graduate students are found at this website: http://www.grad.niu.edu/grad/financing/tuition_waiver/tuition/waiverinfo.pdf

The graduate internship waiver program will be phased out between Fall 2014 and Summer 2017. The phase-out plan allows students who began or will begin their programs prior to Summer 2013 to be eligible for the waiver for all hours in which they are enrolled through Summer 2017. Students admitted to a program in Summer 2013 or later will be eligible to receive the waiver for up to 9 hours of internship hours through Summer 2017. After Summer 2017, the internship waiver program will cease to exist.

Refer to the current Internship Planning Packet for your area of study (i.e., Advanced Practice Planning Packet or Nursing Education Planning Packet) for instructions about applying for an Internship Tuition Waiver.

Procedures for Notification of Intent to Enroll in Internships

One Year Prior to Your First Internship

All graduate students are required to notify Connie Uhlken (cuhlken@niu.edu), the Nursing Program Coordinator, of intent to enroll in a nursing internship one year prior to taking their first internship. Intent to enroll is submitted on the Internship Intent Form for your specialization (found on the NIU Nursing website in the “M. S. in Nursing” or “Post-Master’s Nursing Certificates”/ “Internships” area). 

Deadlines for requests are: October 1st for fall internships, March 1st for spring internships, and May 1st for summer internships. See further details below:

The procedural steps are as follows:

  1. One year prior to the first internship, submit a signed completed paper copy of the Internship Intent Form (found on Nursing website as noted above) for your specialization to Connie Uhlken, the Nursing Program Coordinator, in Room 190 at the School of Nursing & Health Studies building located at 1240 Normal Rd. in DeKalb. You must also attach a copy of your approved and signed (by you, your faculty advisor and Dr. Hertz) sequence of courses form.  This is the official program of study plan for taking courses that you developed in collaboration with your faculty advisor soon after admission to the program.
  2. If your plans for taking an internship change, notify the Nursing Program Coordinator no later than the end of Week Two of the semester immediately preceding your planned internship.  You must also submit a revised Internship Intent Form and a revised and approved planned sequence of courses form.
  3. All nursing graduate students should contact the Internship Coordinator, Ms. Traci Costigan (costigan@niu.edu) BY EMAIL, immediately after the Intent form is approved by Connie Uhlken to begin locating preceptors for EACH internships. Ms. Uhlken will notify you by e-mail (sent to your NIU e-mail address) when your Intent Form has been approved. 
  4. Deadlines for contacting Ms. Costigan by EMAIL (costigan@niu.edu) to receive a preceptor assignment are as follows:
  • September 1 – November 1 for Fall Internships
  • January 1 – March 1 for Spring Internships
  • June 1 – August 15 for Summer Internships

NOTE:  If you do not contact Ms. Costigan in writing by email during the above periods of time, you will be required to retrack and replan your internships.

Additional NOTE: Read through this entire internship planning packet PRIOR TO contacting Ms. Costigan.

  1. This is the only time you need to notify the nursing program about your internship plans unless your plans change! NOTE: However, each student must consult with the Internship Coordinator regarding a clinical preceptor for EACH internship.  This should be done about one year before EACH internship (see above deadline dates).
  2. For each internship, you must also contact the faculty member assigned to teach the internship by deadlines outlined in the table below.
  • Contact the faculty member by EMAIL to introduce yourself and to request information about how the faculty member wants you to submit the required documents for your internship. 
  • Required documents are: a planning sheet for the internship, personal learning objectives, your curriculum vitae (CV), internship-related information including contact information for your preceptor, an IDFPR license report for the preceptor (go to the IDFPR license look-up website (https://www.idfpr.com/LicenseLookUp/LicenseLookup.asp) and print the detailed report, and a current Preceptor Profile Form for APN Students in even-numbered years. 
  • Documents must be submitted and revised by the deadline dates in the table below.
  • The assigned faculty teaching the internship gives final approval to your internship materials; faculty approval is required prior to your enrollment in each internship.
  • You must communicate directly with the faculty member and not with the nursing office staff regarding processing of these materials.
  • Failure of the student to meet the posted deadlines will result in the need to retrack the internship for a later semester. 

Any questions regarding this procedure may be directed to Dr. Judith Hertz (jhertz@niu.edu) or

Ms. Traci Costigan (costigan@niu.edu).

Important Deadlines Related to Internships

 (NOTE:  Failure of the student to meet deadlines will result in a requirement to retrack and reschedule the internship)

Content Area

Fall Internship

Spring Internship

Summer Internship

Scheduling Internships:  Internship Intent Form and approved Plan of Study (i.e., sequence) submission to C. Uhlken one year before FIRST internship

October 1

March 1

June 1

Assignment to a preceptor:  Contact T Costigan by EMAIL one year in advance of EACH internship

September 1 – November 1

January 1 – March 1

June 1 – August 15

Notify students of internship section and faculty who will be teaching that section

March 1 - 10

October 1 - 10

March 1 - 10

Student to CONTACT faculty by EMAIL about paperwork

March 15

October 15

March 15

Student to submit required paperwork to faculty

March 31

October 31

March 31

Paperwork revised by student based on faculty feedback

April 15

November 15

April 15

Office staff to send request for preceptor agreement with student’s documents

No Later Than May 1

No Later Than December 1

No Later Than May 1

Receipt of preceptor agreement, preceptor’s license and CV/resume*

Friday of first week of classes

Friday of first week of classes

Friday of first week of classes

Faculty review preceptor’s documents

Prior to student’s internship activities

Prior to student’s internship activities

Prior to student’s internship activities

 * All Preceptor agreements/documents must be on file PRIOR TO student beginning internship activities.