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Meet the Seniors

Picture of Cadet Battalion Commander Wesley AndrewskiCadet Lieutenant Colonel Wesley Andrewski

Battalion Commander

Cadet Wesley Andrewski is a Senior Geology Major. He is from Bolingbrook, IL and will commission into the Active Duty Quartermaster Corps in August 2014! Cadet Andrewski distinguished himself early in his ROTC career with exemplary performance on the Ranger Challenge and Rifle Team. He has a solid reputation as being highly dependable, physically tough and an inspiring leader! Contact Cadet Andrewski at

Cadet Command Sergeant Major Lauren Hansen-Armendariz PictureCadet Command Sergeant Major Lauren Hansen-Armendariz

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

Cadet Lauren Hansen-Armendariz is from Naperville, IL and is a Spanish Language and Literature Major with Minors in Women's Studies and Military Science. She contracted into the Huskie Battalion her Freshman year and immediately got more involved. She participated in Rifle Team competitions and held key leadership positions on the Ranger Challenge and Color Guard Teams. She will graduate magna cum laude and commission into her top branch choice in the Active Duty Military Intelligence Corps in May 2014. Cadet Hansen-Armendariz is a volunteer mentor and run coach at Clinton-Rosette Middle School and a volunteer math teaching assistant at Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School. In her free time she loves spending time with her family and adventure travel to include skydiving and zip-lining. She also participated in Project GO and received a scholarship to study Arabic at San Diego State University. Contact Cadet Hansen-Armendariz at

Cadet Michael Rossi ImageCadet Major Michael Rossi

Battalion Executive Officer

Cadet Michael Rossi is a Senior French Language and Literature Major from Lombard, IL. He is set to graduate summa cum laude in May 2014 and commission into his top branch choice of the Active Duty Engineers. His interests include Indie music, underground cafes, computers and floor hockey. Before coming to NIU he worked as an ornamental and architectural iron worker in Chicago.

Cadet Battalion S3 Price Davis PictureCadet Major Price Davis

Battalion Operations Officer (S3)

Cadet Price Davis is a Senior Industrial Management and Technology Major from Big Rock, IL. He graduates in December 2014 and hopes to commission into the Active Duty Engineer Corps or Infantry. In his spare time he enjoys raising and riding horses as well as working on vehicles. Cadet Davis has been pivotal to the success of the Huskie Ranger Challenge Team and continues to serve the Huskie Battalion by meticulously planning and producing the orders for all of our training events this semester.

Cadet Noll PictureCadet Master Sergeant Alexander Noll

Battalion Operations NCOIC

Cadet Alex Noll is a Political Science Major from Cary, IL. He's on track to graduate summa cum laude and he received his top choice to commission as an Infantry Officer in May 2014. Cadet Noll is a distinguished leader in the Battalion and inspires Cadets every day to improve their fitness and hone their leadership skills. He has been at the core of all the ROTC extracurricular activities and is known for his professionalism, attention to detail and high standards. His previous assignment was as the Cadet Battalion Commander where he raised the bar on organizational success and leadership development. In his spare time Cadet Noll enjoys reading books and playing chess.

Cadet Ruiz PictureCadet Captain Devian Ruiz

Battalion Current Operations Officer (Asst. S3)

Cadet Devian Ruiz is a Senior Psychology Major from Lake Zurich, IL. He is currently serving in the National Guard under the SMP program. His unit is at the Sycamore National Armory in Sycamore, IL. Upon graduation in Dec 2014, he plans to commission as a Field Artillery Officer in the National Guard. In high school, Cadet Ruiz wrestled and was an all-conference football player. He volunteers as a youth football coach for the Lake Zurich Flames and in his free time he enjoys to read or play video games as well as long walks on the beach with Cadet Shaffer. Cadet Ruiz has participated in all ROTC extracurriculars and served as a Squad Leader for Cadets undergoing the Leaders Training Course at Fort Knox, KY.

Cadet Patterson PictureCadet Captain Dan Patterson

Battalion Future Operations Officer (Asst. S3)

Cadet Patterson is a Pre-Physical Therapy Major from Aurora, IL. He will attend the Leader's Development and Assessment Course at Fort Knox, KY this summer and then graduate in May 2015. Upon graduation, he hopes to be an Engineer in the Army Reserves. His previous assignment in the BN was as the Logistics Officer (S4). Cadet Patterson is also a member of the NIU Lacrosse Team and he enjoys to play the guitar.

Cadet Cameron Shaffer PictureCadet Captain Cameron Shaffer

Battalion Adjutant and Personnel Officer (S1)

Cadet Shaffer is a Senior Political Science Major from Lake Zurich, IL set to graduate May 2014. He will commission as an Aviation Officer in the National Guard. He has held key leadership positions in Ranger Challenge and Rifle Team and participated in Color Guard. Cadet Shaffer enjoys clocking flight time, playing video games and long walks on the beach. He was a state-qualifying wrestler and played football in high school. Previous assignments in the Battalion include Ranger Challenge OIC and BN Signals Officer. 

Cadet Solimine PictureCadet Michael Solimine

Assistant Personnel Officer (Asst. S1)

Cadet Solimine is an Anthropology Major from Elgin, IL who will graduate in May 2014. He will commission as an Engineer in the Army Reserves and will serve in Darien, IL. Prior to NIU ROTC, Cadet Solimine served on active duty for 7 years and served 15 months in Iraq with the 1st Infantry Division. In NIU ROTC, he was the Rifle Team OIC, leading the team to top rankings in the brigade. His previous assignment was as the Battalion Command Sergeant Major.

Cadet Ernster Wallet PhotoCadet Captain Kevin Ernster

Battalion Security and Intelligence Officer (S2)

Cadet Ernster is a Public Health Major originally from Colorado Springs, CO. He immigrated to the United States from Guatemala and now plans to commission into the US Army Medical Service Corps. Cadet Ernster participated in Color Guard and Rifle Team and now orchestrates the enemy activity portion of our Thursday leadership labs.

Cadet Jeff Lobue Wallet PictureCadet Captain Jeff Lobue

Battalion Logistics Officer (S4)

Cadet Lobue is a History Major from Naperville, IL. He will commission in May 2014 into the Army Reserves in the Quartermaster Corps. Cadet Lobue played football in high school and enjoys reading vintage comic books. During the summer he volunteers as an assistant football coach at Naperville Central. He also spent a summer shadowing a 2nd Lieutenant at Fort Stewart, GA in the CTLT Program.


Cadet Clarke PictureCadet First Lieutenant Tyler Clarke

Assistant Logistics Officer (Asst. S4)

Cadet Clarke is is a Nursing Major from Itasca, Il. He will graduate in May 2014 and commission as a Nurse after attending the Leader's Development and Assessment Course at Fort Knox, KY this summer. Cadet Clarke served as a leader and mentor to the BN Colorguard Team and as a member of the Rifle Team. In his free time, he enjoys motorcycles and playing the guitar.    

Cadet Golec Wallet PictureCadet Captain Alicja Golec

Battalion Civil-Military and Public Affairs Officer (S5)

Cadet Golec is a Public Health Major from Franklin Park, IL. She will commission May 2015 as a Chemical Corp Officer in the National Guard. She migrated to the United States as a seven year old and still maintains Polish as a second language. She'll spend this summer participating in the CULP program in Poland. Cadet Golec is also part of the training team for NIU's Husky mascot, Mission.

Cadet Hansen WalletCadet Captain Andrew Hansen

Battalion Signals Officer (S6)

Cadet Hansen is originally from Bolingbrook, IL but came to NIU ROTC on a 4-yr Green to Gold Scholarship from Fort Drum, NY. He spent 5 years on active duty with the 10th Mountain Division. His previous duty assignments include Security and Intelligence NCOIC (S2) and Civil Military Operations Center NCOIC (S9) during two combat tours in Eastern Afghanistan. Cadet Hansen is a Political Science - International Relations Major and minors in Latin American Studies and Military Science. He will graduate May 2014 and commission as a Military Intelligence Officer but serve his first 3 years as an Infantry Officer in the Army's branch detail program. Cadet Hansen is a mentor at Clinton-Rosette Middle School for at-risk youth and a volunteer math teaching assistant at Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School. While at NIU he has led the Ranger Challenge Team, participated in Rifle Team Competitions and spent a summer in South Korea in the CTLT program.