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Health Education

Health Education (B.S.Ed.)

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Graduates with a B.S.Ed. in health education are qualified to apply for teacher licensure and to teach in public or private schools. Those completing the 6-12 entitlement program leading to licensure are eligible to be certified to teach grades 6-12. In addition to teaching within the major, graduates of this program may also be qualified to teach other academic areas based on approved minors leading to endorsements. Approved minors extend professional competencies while allowing flexible teaching options for middle and secondary schools.

Practical field training is required as part of the public health curriculum and student teaching is a required part of the health education curriculum. Students are advised that they are responsible for their own transportation to and from the training facilities and all costs associated with these activities.

Career Opportunities

  • 6-12 level School Heath Education 
    Northern Illinois is the fastest growing population base in the state, comprising 65% of the school-aged population and 40% of the public schools.
  • Entry-level positions in Health Education 
    Prepared for C.H.E.S. licensure, students are suited to work in community health agencies and medical and fitness facilities in need of health educators to plan and carry out health education programs for diverse clientele.
  • High School Preparation
    A student planning to major in health education should take a college preparatory curriculum in high school. Good communication and computer skills, combined with a strong foundation in biological and social sciences, will best prepare a student for success in college coursework.