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Educator Licensure

The School of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences offers a program that prepares students to become certified teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences in the State of Illinois. This initial certification (Type 09) is for teaching grades 6-12.

Undergraduate students may pursue licensure as an undergraduate major or postgraduate. Graduate students can meet certification requirements as a student-at-large or in a graduate program. Students must be admitted to Northern Illinois University to participate in the certification program.

Students interested in Family & Consumer Science Educator Licensure should meet with a school advisor and develop a plan for completing certification requirements. The following section lists the requirements for family and consumer sciences licensure and the courses generally used to fulfill those requirements.

The licensure program, in itself, does not lead to a baccalaureate degree. Students wishing to pursue Family and Consumer Sciences Education need to declare a major in Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences (if they do not already hold a degree in Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences) as well as complete the educator licensure requirements.

A complete description of the certification requirements is given in the Educator Licensure section of the undergraduate catalog and graduate catalog. Students need to demonstrate current knowledge in discipline coursework that is more than ten years old.

For students looking for Type 04 educator licensure for Pre-K through grade 3, visit NIU's Early Childhood Studies Program website.