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Joliet Junior College

General Education Requirements

Most A.A.S. degree programs include 15+ hours of general education credit. Use the following chart to select courses that contribute to both your A.A.S. degree and NIU’s general education requirements. For additional information on general education see the NIU Catalog. For detailed information on course equivalents see the NIU Articulation Tables. It is important to meet with your advisor for guidance in making appropriate course selections.

Core Competencies (12 credit hours)

Subject Joliet Course NIU Course
English (6 Hrs) ENGL 101 (3) ENGL 103 (3)
ENGL 102 (3) ENGL 203A (3)

Communications (3 Hrs)

SPCH 101 (3) COMS 100 (3)

Mathematics (3 Hrs)

MATH 153 (3) MATH 210 (3)

Knowledge Domain Courses (21 credit hours minimum)

Subject Joliet Course NIU Course

Creative and Critical analysis (6 Hrs)

Select appropriate Humanities courses (6) Two courses from Creative and Critical analysis (6)

Nature and Technology (6 Hrs)

Two Science courses (6)

Two courses from Nature and Technology (6)

Society and Culture (6)

ECON 104 (3)

ECON 260 (3)

Psychology 101 (3)

PSYC 102 (3)

An additional course from Knowledge Domain (3)

An additional course equivalent to a course in knowledge domain (3)

A course from Creative & Critical analysis, Society & Culture, or Nature & Technology (3)

*Consult with an advisor in the College of Health and Human Sciences at NIU (815-753-1891)

Note: NIU General Education Requirements are prepared based on pending publication on the new PLUS General Education.

A.A.S. Degree in a Hospitality Management Area of Study

Up to 30 semesters hours of credit from an approved Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree may be applied toward the B.S. in Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management (NDHM) degree-completion program, with the consent of the department advisor. Students may receive up to 30 hours of cost-free NIU credit in recognition of prior learning completed within an approved A.A.S. program. The following Joliet Junior College A.A.S. degree has been approved for admission into the B.S.-NDHM program, and for prior learning credit.

Hospitality Management

Note: It is recommended that students complete the following courses as part of the Joliet A.A.S. degree.

Joliet Course NIU Course Equivalent

HM 110 Sanitation (1)

HOSP 100TR (See Proficiency)

HM 111 Responsible Beverage Service (1)

HOSP 100TR (See Proficiency)

HM 115 Safety & Legal Overview (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 300 Hospitality Law (3)

HM 117 Introduction to Meeting and Event (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 413 Intro to Meeting and Event Management (3)

HM 150 Intro to Hospitality Careers (3)

HOSP 100TR-Substitute for HOSP 202 Intro to the Hospitality Industry (3)

HM 153 Nutrition (3)

HOSP 100TR (See Proficiency)

HM 200 Hospitality Management Internship (3)

HOSP 100TR (See Proficiency)

HM 201 Restaurant Operations (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 304 Food & Beverage Operations (3)

HM 250 Food Preparation Skills (2) + Professional Cooking (2)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 320 Quantity Food Production (4)

HM 251 Marketing of Hospitality Sevices (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 316 Hospitality Services (3)

HM 252 Supervisory Skills & Human Relations (3)

HOSP 100TR (See Proficiency)

HM 253 Tourism (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for MKTG 425 Service Marketing (3)

HM 254 Hospitality Cost Control Systems (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 425 Hospitality Management (3)

HM 255 Hotel Management & Operations (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 302 Lodging Operations (3)

HM 202 Intro to Casino Management (3)

HOSP 100TR- Substitute for HOSP 315 Casino and Gaming Management (3)

201 Principles of Accounting I (4)

ACCY 100TR- Substitute for ACCY 206 Intorductory Financial Accounting (3) + Elective (1)

205 Business Law (3)

Adjustment of Credit for MGMT 217 Legal Environment of Business (3)

209 Principles of Marketing (3)

Adjustment of Credit for  MKTG 310

211 Principles of Management (3)

Adjustment of Credit for MGMT 333 (3)

216 Business Statistics (3)

Adjustment of credit for STAT 208 Basic Statistics (3)

If you have questions about other programs, not listed here, contact the NIU program advisor (above) to review.

Bachelor's Degree-Completion Courses

Bachelor's degree-completion courses (30-31 credit hours) must be taken in hospitality management at NIU:

  • HOSP 411: Yield Management in the Hospitality Industry (3)
  • HOSP 418: Managing Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry (3)
  • HOSP 426: Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry (3)
  • HOSP 430: Data Analysis for the Hospitality Industry (3)
  • HOSP 491: Leadership Seminar in Hospitality and Tourism (2)
  • HOSP 492: Distinguished Speaker Series (1-2)
  • HOSP 495: Internship in Hospitality Management (8)
  • HOSP 498: Prof. Seminar in Family and Consumer Sciences (1)
  • Two Electives (6 Hrs)
    • HOSP 315: Casino and Gaming Management (3)
    • HOSP 417: Trade Show and Exhibition Management (3)

*Students following this plan will be awarded 30 proficiency credits.

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