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Research Guidelines

Research is defined as a systematic investigation with the purpose of generating new knowledge or validating existing information. Any faculty member or student pursuing research opportunities at the CDL must follow the guidelines below:

  • Faculty or students wishing to conduct research at the CDL must submit a Research Application aa to the advisory board.
  • NIU research projects must be in compliance with the NIU research guidelines and approved by the Advisory Board of the CDL and/or the Institution Review Board (IRB) prior to inception of the research.
  • For class research projects, a research application must be filled out by the faculty who oversees the class research project.
  • Parents’ specific written permission must be obtained if researchers plan to interview, photograph, or remove children from their classrooms. Children’s names are not to be used when research is reported.
  • Proposals for research projects must be approved by the Advisory Board before their inception. It is up to the advisory board to determine the appropriateness of the project and deny any research project that could hinder the education, development, or well-being of the children.

Further questions can be directed to the CDL Faculty Director, Ilona Helin at (815) 753-6343.