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Child Development Lab
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Participation Guidelines

Participation is defined as a request to observe or complete an activity within the child’s classroom and/or to interact with specific children for a specific purpose. The sponsored instructor for the assignment or project and the student are required to follow the following participation guidelines:

  • Complete and submit Participation Application aa to the CDL Co-Director for Operations. 
  • All activities must be reviewed and approved by the Co-Director for Operations prior to activities being scheduled. 
  • Faculty member and student will be contacted via email or phone by the Co-Director for Operations to inform you of approval or denial of your request. 
  • Faculty member and student should be prepared to facilitate the activity and follow all policies stated above.
  • Students completing an activity or participating in the classroom are required to check in at the main office (Gabel 169) first, sign the visitor log, and must wear a visitor name tag while in the classroom.