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Child Development Lab

Child Development Lab
Gabel Hall 169-170
Phone: (815) 753-1150
Fax: (815) 752-0023

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
7:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Summer 2018 Child Care Application coming soon.

Please note:
  • Application available at 9:00 AM on dates specified below.

  • One application per child.

  • We will be accepting applications from NIU students, Faculty/Staff, and Community.

  • You will be notified in three weeks regarding availability.

  Available on-line November 20, 2017
Spring 2018
  Available on-line April 16, 2018              Summer 2018
  Available on-line June 18, 2018
Fall 2018

Care Daily Rates


  • Semester charges are enrollment fees (not attendance fees) which are billed monthly during the semester on the basis of contracted days. It is expected that fees will be paid as stated in your contract regardless of whether or not your child is in attendance; this includes days missed due to illness, vacation, weather-related closures, and NIU-recognized holidays.
  • Contracts follow the traditional 16-week NIU spring and fall semesters, and the 8-week semester for the summer. Please refer to the NIU calendar for official start and end dates of a specific semester. The CDL remains open between semesters, but enrollment during these interim periods is optional. Spring break is also considered an optional enrollment period.
  • Two weeks' notice is required for withdrawal of your child from the program or for any change in schedule.

Additional Fees

  • Registration Fee: There is a one-time $45.00 registration fee that will be added to your first billing cycle. 
  • Annual Insurance Fee: An insurance fee of $7.00 will be billed for each child upon enrollment and every August thereafter.
  • Late Payment Fee: There will be a $25.00 charge added to your upcoming invoice if your previous invoice is more than five days overdue.
  • Late Pick-Up Fee: A fee of $10.00 will be added to your bill if your child is picked up after closing time. For each additional 5 minute interval late will be an additional $5.00.