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Printing Your Academic Posters

Academic posters are printed by NIU Creative Services. NIU Graphic Standards require that web and printed material be submitted to Marketing and Communications for clearinghouse review prior to printing. There is no charge to you for this service. Allow up to three weeks for the clearinghouse and creative services component to your project. Please refer to the NIU Clearinghouse and NIU Creative Services websites for their deadlines. 

To ensure the best possible results for your project, please use one of the academic poster templates.

When your poster is complete, please send it to the clearinghouse. Within the form, be sure to note the date you need the poster.


After receiving clearinghouse approval, you need to submit your poster to Creative Services for printing.

There is no charge for poster printing. On the Creative Services Request form you will be asked to provide an account number. Enter any numbers in the field in the form 00-00000-000, proceed and hit Submit. The system will generate a reference number for your project.